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Hello Tour Guests,

I can’t wait to show you my city and the unique and exciting art that it offers. Through a combination of public and private resources and initiatives, Chattanooga has experienced a wonderful Renaissance.

Although I’m not a native, my family relocated here in 2006 and we continue to enjoy the perfect mix of outdoor and cultural experiences that Chattanooga has to offer. Whether it’s music by the river on a summer Saturday night, a hike on Stringers Ridge to catch a beautiful view of the city, or dinner at one of the many great restaurants, there is always plenty to do.

I am fascinated with art and design and when I travel, I seek out opportunities to experience it.  Chattanooga has many interesting public art installations, private galleries and working artists.  It is my hope that through my tours you’ll have an opportunity to see new things, reap the benefits of spending dedicated time experiencing specific pieces of art, and understand how visual art is a critical component in enriching the lives of Chattanooga’s visitors and residents.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Libby Santin